What you should know about us...

Founded in 1996, Distributed Systems Solutions, Inc. (DSSI) is known for development of enterprise-class, mission critical database and e-commerce applications. We are also a leader in the design, population, and management of data warehouses. Additionally, we provide technical architecture and database services as well as 24 x 7 production support. We began with a vision of providing superior technology solutions with the best, most experienced team possible. DSSI built a reputation on database development and administration in a variety of environments and mission critical applications from satellite system control to publishing and manufacturing systems. The company quickly expanded to provide solutions in systems administration, Internet development, and custom software design and development with major industry leading clients.

From its inception, DSSI has been a cash flow positive, profitable business. We are somewhat unique in our preference to deliver custom services on a "fixed price" basis and have always delivered on time and on budget. Our team of 30+ technical professionals has been together since 1996 and our employee turnover is less than 2%. Our staff of software engineers, technical architects, database administrators, Internet security and network specialists provide complete development life-cycle capabilities from project management, technical specification and rapid prototyping through integration, deployment, and on-going production support. We've successfully implemented mission critical solutions and provide continued production support for an impressive list of clients that includes:

  • American Express
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Motorola
  • AT&T Wireless Services
  • Phoenix Newspapers Inc., a Gannett Company.
  • Albertsons

DSSI continues to improve our client's business processes by applying our skills in the design and development of custom, JAVA and Microsoft solutions, which leverage existing data in distributed enterprises as well as our successes in database development and data warehousing. Our expertise in development coupled with our dedicated management team makes us a valuable partner to all of our customers.

What we offer

DSSI specializes in the design and development of distributed systems using JavaTM technology across multiple platforms and database servers. Our software development services are tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers - including consulting, project management, contract staffing and full project life cycle development. In 1998, DSSI made the strategic decision to migrate from a C++ development environment and to focus on Java software development for fully distributed systems. Java accommodates the influx of changing technologies including the Web and the need to meet our customers' time-to-market imperatives. Java is uniquely flexible as it provides cross-platform compatibility for both client and server components, simplifying the task of partitioning functionality among the layers of a distributed system and aiding the evolution of the system to suit changing requirements. We design and build custom client applications using a variety of platforms and tools. Our focus for the middle tier is server-side Java, including JavaServer PagesTM (JSPs), Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBs), and XML. Our database and data warehouse systems are designed to meet our customers' needs for data storage, processing and interfacing with other systems. We have a library of tools and scripts to provide faster migration and integration, and to ensure proper data conversion, large data processing, and report generation. We have successfully deployed mission critical web-based applications, worldwide, in a 24 x 7 environment. These applications are highly efficient, meet the most rigorous security standards established within the financial industry, and are fully integrated with legacy systems and databases. Our Java software development services span the entire life cycle of a project including requirements definition, technical architecture, coding, implementation and post-implementation support. At DSSI, we never re-invent the wheel in programming. We have built up a library of software components that further expedites software development time, reduces overall testing time and ensures high-quality deliverables. Our customers have taken advantage of the fact that we often have from 10-50% of the total software for a particular custom solution already available, coded and tested. This in conjunction with our proven testing system and methodology ensures high quality product every time. DSSI builds software on either our customers' site or at DSSI within our fully functional development lab where we duplicate our customers' environment for integration and testing before final deployment. Our own Testing and QA department allows us to control the quality of our services on each step of production. We provide complete documentation on every stage of the development. The documentation includes UML diagrams and user & reference manuals that meet the latest software development process standards like Rational Unified Process.

Skill Sets

We have a staff of highly skilled, experienced object oriented engineers, database engineers and developers with an extensive background of deploying applications across industries.

  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • System Administration
  • Web Server Design and Development
  • IT / Business Process Consulting
  • Enterprise Business Rules
  • Work Management/Business Process Automation
  • Data Warehouse Development and Integration
  • Network and Infrastructure Design and Management
  • Firewalls
  • Security

DSSI provides world-class database support and consulting services that are customized according to the needs of your company. Our employees have extensive production experience with Oracle, Sybase, Sybase IQ, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix. We can help with every facet of a database project, from initial design and interface development, to installation, to on-going preventative maintenance and problem solving. We're known for our experience and leadership in quickly connecting large, intricate databases to web based applications, as well as for constructing solid database foundations for information management systems. We are proficient in the tools we use and experienced in our development methodologies. Once in production our ongoing support services can be deployed to monitor your system, respond to emergencies, and fix small problems before they become big ones. Our role as an independent, objective consultant combined with our major account "maturity" assures you that turf battles amongst data owners will not prevail over a design that meets the business need. The right database design can put an end to tasks that waste your limited resources. The right design eliminates having to enter the same information multiple times into separate, disparate computer systems, or having to look up information in multiple places to complete a task. In addition to design, development and initial setup, we can provide on-going preventative maintenance services like upgrade management and tuning. Our problem detection techniques and DSSI developed tools have made us successful in supporting some of the most complex and sophisticated databases with minimal downtime. Our ability to automate Oracle and Sybase database administration tasks allows our highly-trained developers and DBAs to constantly monitor your databases, identifying problems and installing fixes before they affect your end-users. Our staff can work at your site or do the job remotely from ours.

Database Offerings

DSSI provides database services across multiple products and platforms. We currently support mission critical applications for the financial sector and also provide complete Oracle, and Sybase support for a media company based in Phoenix. DSSI typically combines a sophisticated set of proprietary scripts and code that can completely automate reporting, capacity planning and issue proactive alerts with our experience to apply them appropriately in each customer situation. By addressing the conditions that cause an outage before your database crashes, the probability of a databases outage is dramatically reduced.

DSSI provides production support services in the areas of RDBMS, DBA, System Administration and Application Support. We currently support mission critical applications as well as complete Oracle and Sybase support for several companies in the Phoenix area. Whether it is RDBMS, System Administration, or Application support, DSSI continues to surpass our customers' expectations. Below is a list of high-level service items that DSSI provides to our customers.

RDBMS Support

DSSI provides design, development and support services across a broad range of database products and release levels:

  • Oracle
  • Sybase and Sybase IQ
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Informix
  • MySQL/mSQL

System Administration

DSSI can monitor and run applications on most any platform and is able to tune and troubleshoot problems across multiple OS's

  • Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP/UX, BSD, SCO, Irix)
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Firewall

Application Administration

DSSI's staff of experienced engineers and DBAs can administer and monitor DSSI developed applications, off-the-shelf packaged solutions (e.g., Oracle Financials, CRM systems) or customer built applications. We are experienced in supporting stand alone applications or applications running under applications servers such as Web Logics, ATG Dynamo, Oracle IAS, Sybase EAServer or WebSphere.

  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Hot pager support
  • Test and change control environments
  • Bug tracking
  • Help desk services

DSSI staff of developers create multi-format, multi-lingual applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. We design and build mobile applications - apps for personal finance, teaching kids, dating, food guides, medical apps, apps for the gym - we have done it all. If you have an idea in mind for an app or game of any sort for any mobile platform, come to us and watch your app take shape-flawlessly. The apps we design are user friendly, addictive and extremely interactive.


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